Friday, March 20, 2009

An Evening with Fleetwood Mac

Last night was one of those magical night ladies spend their lives dreaming about...I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert. Me, Chelsea, Lauren, Colleen, Meredith, Piper and our token male, Kenny, bought the tickets months ago and have been anxiously waiting for March 19th. I don't think I have been this excited for a concert since Green Day.

First we met at the Triple Crown for some din-din and pre-show drinks.

The show was amazing with ups (Stevie and Lindsey embracing on stage) and downs (fake horn section during Tusk) and twists (gold shawl) and turns (black shawl). Stevie was incredible. Lindsey still seems like a genius/douche (lots of prayer hand thank you's to the audience).

Fleetwood didn't hold back - we heard all the hits and loved every second of it.

We were on a bathroom break when Rhiannon started - this is a photo of Meredith flying out of the stall and Lauren taking her place with lightning speed.

At times I felt like I was at a Jimmy Buffet concert, but whatever, I wasn't...I was with Fleetwood Mac god damn it!

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