Monday, March 16, 2009

Alot Can Happen on a Sunday

Yesterday was one of those really nice, long Sundays. I woke in the morning, went to yoga, listened to NPR, watched Brady Bunch, drank lots of coffee, worked on my computer...and then around 3pm went over to The Habitat to have a beer with Colleen and Starr, left them to go get my hair cut, realized that I have psychic powers, went back to The Habitat for another beer, went grocery shopping with Abe, cooked up some beef stew, and then went over Colleen & Kenny's to watch Anchorman and eat pizza.

Yes, all that happened in one day. My life is kind of amazing; don't hate. I have to say though, the most incredible moment of that whole day was around 8pm when I laid my eyes on Colleen's George Costanza wallet.

It is a Chipotle burrito.

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