Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food, Dogs, Friends & Family

Last weekend Abe and I went up to Shrewsbury for some family time. My sister was home for the first time since last June so everyone was very excited. We didn't do too much except eat (an entire box of chocolate from Herbert's Candy Mansion), play Wii, and play with the dogs.

Saturday night, we went over Allyson's parent's house for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Just me, Abe, Allyson, Mike, Riley, and a 30 pack of Busch Light. Allyson made an amazzzzzzzzzzzing macaroni & cheese that we devoured in a matter of minutes.

Allyson and her two manly men.

We ate dinner while watching some basketball thing. All three of these people know better than anyone that I hate basketball so I think they really enjoyed making me suffer.

For Sunday dinner I made my famous Pea & Prosciutto Risotto. I made my mom risotto with baby bella mushrooms and asparagus. (I say that like we always have Sunday Dinner - we are very sophisticated - little do you know we ate this dinner in front of the TV watching "A Very Brady Sequel").

Sunday night, Richard & Bonnie came over with Meg and Stewart to hang out and drinks some drinks. We sat around the table while the "sharks" circled under the table and around our feet. Look at poor Phoebe's under bite. We really sent Jaime to vet school so she could give Phoebe braces.

Stew is very portable.


Anonymous said...

Stewie says you got his bad side!!!!

Hey you. Its Jodi. I just found your blog. Love it!
How are you? I miss seeing you and Jaime around the office. You had to go and grow up didn't ya!

Ryan Green said...

Hey Jodi! I added a new photo of Stew - he was very upset that I didn't show off his pearly whites.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan

Just showed the new pic to Stewie and he wanted me to say thank you.

Allyson said...

i made it!!!!!
yeahhhhhhhhh...... love the photo...my 2 lovies! (and u can't see how gross i look). hehehe