Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Dogs Love Santa

On Christmas morning the dogs opened their stockings and got the greatest gifts of their lives...squirrel stuffed animals.

They spend 90% of their free time chasing "those doggone squirrels!" and will probably (hopefully) never catch a real one, so these stuffed animals basically made them the happiest little pups in the world.

Squeaky stuffed animals last about 2 seconds around Pheobe and Zeke so we were shocked when Zeke spent a good hour just holding his in his mouth. It was soaking wet and he just walked around looking sheepish...I think he was afraid Phoebe would see it was still "alive" and try to take it from him.

But Phoebe was too busy upstairs gutting her own squirrel. Pheebs may be small and cute, but she's the killer. We could just hear squeaks of death coming from my parents' room until she walked down with only the fabric skin in her mouth.

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