Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family & Friends

My 2ooth post!

I haven't done much in the last week except hang out with the fam and Shrewsbury friends for Thanksgiving.

Eddie turned into a turkey maniac when he got his hands on the drumstick.

My friends and I have kind of outgrown the whole tradition of "going out to the Worcester bars to see everyone". I mean, it's not really necessary with Facebook, right?

But I did have a mini-reunion with my long-term Shrewsbury circle of friends on Friday night at David and Brittany's house. Brit was out of town and Dave was staying home while their daughter slept, but that didn't stop us from Zazzing it up.

On Saturday baby-sitters were lined up and we headed out for the big, bad Canal District in Worcester. Allyson and Shana drove in from Boston, which was super awesome.

For the past couple weeks we have been babysitting Junior. He's a good little guy. I like to scare Paws with him. You'd think it would work the other way around and a little pipsqueak hamster would freak out at the sight of a 30 lb tiger cub.

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