Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Obama

That has a pretty sweet ring to it, huh? I can't wait to see what kind of puppy they get.

After work yesterday I went to my polling location on Williamsburg's Southside. I haven't lived there since 2005, but I keep forgetting to update my address. It's kind of a fun place to vote because it's all loud and people are always excited.

After I voted I headed over to Margot's house. Margot had an amzing spread of cheeses, olives, crackers and I made guacamole and immediately started to eat and drink out of anxiety. As more people arrived we had more food to stuff in our faces as we sweating through the news stations trying to mess with our heads.

But let's forget about Obama for a minute and talk about holograms! Apparently CNN has rediscovered Star Wars technology. This really jazzed up Election Night for all of us watching at home. Wolf Blitzer's mind was blown.

We couldn't believe it when Obama was declared the winner of Ohio so quickly. Then it was almost immediately declared that he will be our next President! Holy crap! There was silence as we read it on the screen and then everyone just started screaming. Outside in the streets and from the windows of other apartments we could just hear people shouting and honking and cheering. It was insane. I will never forget it.

After listening to Obama's speech, we hit the streets. Bedford Avenue was CRAZY. The roads were blocked with people - even the bus had to turn off its route to get by - and everyone was screaming and yelling and dancing. It was incredible.

After the results came in Abe and I got a text message from our friend in Sweden who said:

"Hey guys! Wow. America and the World greets a new time and a new President! Will be exciting to see him put together his office in the days to come. Party hard!"

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Anonymous said...

Thats mad!

I swear we don't get that excited about politics over here lol.

I think the only time we get that excited is over England winning the soccer (though where I live it's the Italians causing the traffic jams!)