Monday, September 29, 2008

Rock Band Crafting Debate

Friday night I went over Dave & Preeya's house to rehearse with HEXA! I played my bass clarinet on a few of their songs when they recorded their album and now we're figuring out parts for a few more songs and I'll be playing with them live at future shows!

This is awesome because 1.) I get to cross "play in a rock band" off my Things to Do list, 2.) it is not just any old rock band - Hexa is one of my favorite bands ever, and 3.) it's really exciting to collaborate with friends on a project.

After we practicing for a couple hours we wrapped up so we could watch the Obama/McCain debate. I had been looking forward to this for a while - finally we're getting down to the real stuff. The debate was more Q&A than debate, but it was still interesting to see them on stage together. I just wish the election was over and Obama was in the White House - only a month to go...

After the debate Preeya made some popcorn and we cut up hologram stickers to make a mobile. It was a solid, late-night, impromtu crafting session.

Abe and Junior reunited.

On Saturday Abe and I went to MOMA. They have a new architecture exhibit that was really great. They also have pre-fab houses constructed in the side lot that you can tour, but it was raining out and they would only let us walk around the perimeter.

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