Friday, September 19, 2008

Amazing Baby & Bloc Party

My friend, Matt, plays drums in a hot new band called Amazing Baby. Last night Amazing Baby opened for Bloc Party for a free show at Roseland Ballroom. I love Bloc Party, I love Amazing Baby, and I love free things. Even better? Matt was able to give Margot +2 guests so Piper and I didn't have to wait in line and got to hang in the VIP section with all the elite fans. We even got to hang backstage, but that mostly involved Margot and I stuffing our faces with chips and salsa so we'll just skip over that part.

Piper and I had a marathon day together. She was sent home sick from work so I went to her house for lunch. After work I went over her house to get ready for the concert and then we met Margot on 52nd Street. We decided to first go have a drink at Russian Samovar. I was a little nervous about sipping on vodka, but their fruit infused vodka selection was incredible. Piper chose ginger and Margot and I got apple cinnomon. It was actually really good and easy to drink.

An array of vodka deliciousness.

Getting into Roseland - even with our names on the guest list-was a total crap show. We got frisked and there were lots of older, roadie-type men shouting about forming lines. We eventually made it upstairs to the VIP section and got us some brewskis. Amazing Baby went on at about 8:15 or so. Here is Matt just before he got on stage:

These two got the rock & roll look.

They were awesome! The place was packed - it was kind of insane. I was so happy for Matt and the rest of the band - it was really impressive.

Amazing Baby on stage.

I was really into Bloc Party when they first made it big in like 2005. I even went to a show all by myself and rocked out. I still really like them a lot, and they played a great show, but I think the last show I went to was better. There, I said it. The music sounded great, but they were less animated on stage. Oh well, still awesome!

After the show we went to someone's fancy townhouse for a party. The part of the basement rec room we were was easily twice the size of my apartment. Piper and I didn't stay too long. What can I say? I like my 8 hours of sleep. So sue me.

Congratulations, Matt and everyone in Amazing Baby!!

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