Friday, August 1, 2008


Yesterday my friend called me up at work and asked if I could play for his softball team because they lost their girl player and didn't want to forfeit their play-off game. It was good practice for me because this is a scrappier league, but I pulled my quad muscle when I was running to first base. I could barely get out of the car when we got back to Greenpoint, but I took 3 Tylenol pills, drank a 16 oz ┼╗ywiec, and woke up this morning as good as new!

In other news....CAT ATTACK! Paws is trying to be the new OBEY and made me make these new tote bags with his likeness. Everyone loves a cat - perfect for the hipster or crazy lady in your life.

Blue Denim



Order by emailing me. They will also be available on my website later this weekend.

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