Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Boys are Back

Back in the 5th grade (1989) I was head over in heels with a boy named Joey.

Joey McIntyre.

Sure, Jordan was cute, but he was little mature for my taste. Donnie was too much of a bad boy (not that he wasn't super cute), and Jonathan and Danny didn't do it for me. But if you put them all together it was pure magic lead by the cutest boy in the world. Joey McIntyre.

For about 2 years it all New Kids on the Block non-stop - dance routines in the backyard, cassette tapes on repeat during long car rides, and trading NKOTB cards during home room. I even liked a boy in my reading class because he wore an NKOTB t-shirt.

I got off the NKTOB train just as their fame started to fade and never really looked back. That is, until I saw their new video for Summertime. New Kids are back and I have never been happier!

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Miss Ava said...

Hi! Just blog hopping. It's great that you remember your love for NKOTB. I love them too! So much! Don't forget to check out their new "Single" which is coming out next Tuesday on iTunes!! :D