Monday, July 28, 2008

Cat Stuff

Most cats dislike car rides, but Paws' feelings on leaving the comfort of his apartment go above and beyond simple dislike. When I have to put him in a car (once every couple years when I move to a new apartment) he will howl non-stop (sounds like "wow, wow, wow, wow, wow") and poop like 3 times in a matter of minutes.

So it should be pretty obvious that I don't take him for rides very often - he doesn't even go to the vet (knock on wood) because he's an indoor cat and doesn't live with other animals and because he is going to live forever. However, being so crazy in love with this little cat-man, I have cardboard carrier stored under the couch just in case he ever chokes or something and needs to be rushed to the hospital. This is fine, but it takes up a lot of space and collects a lot of dust & fur - plus it is not reusable because he will definitely take a dump inside if used.

But today I found this little number at Target (via ModernCat). Made from nylon, washable, packs flat....sounds purrr-fect!

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Anonymous said...

there is no way in hell that paws would fit in that thing!! he would split it open at the seams!!!!