Monday, June 9, 2008

Wake Up!

I'm on the hunt for an alarm clock. I want to stop using my BlackBerry as a wake-up device because I feel like having it next to my bed is probably bad for my health (crazy cellular laser beams shooting into my brain) and bad just because I shouldn't be reading emails before I've even opened up both eyes.

I would also like something that doesn't need batteries/electricity (I'm so eco-friendly!), but I kind of want something with a light or with glow-in-the-dark hands & numbers. I used to have a baby blue one when I was a kid. I wish I kept that thing...I wonder if it is in my parents' attic somewhere.

Ebay is overwhelming. I really hate dealing with bid anxiety.

Like the look, but it's plastic.

Travel friendly.

Awesome, but not guaranteed to keep accurate time.

I'm into this one even though it might not glow in the dark.

LOVE this one, but it's more than I want to spend.

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