Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swap: "Owl" ATC

Ah, yes, just doing some good old fashioned swapping. I realize it is a little weird, but that just makes me love swapping even more.

Abe is officially freaked out by me. He thinks I have lost my mind and threatens to put a parental block on our internet so I can't get on the swap-bot.com website. He says "Ryan, you are so busy, why are you doing this?" And I say "I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm...so scared!"

J/k. I actually say "Because it is hilarious. Duhhhh!" And then I dance around the kitchen with my ATC's and pick up my cat and talk about how he is going to live forever.

The theme of my most recent swap was "Owl" ATC. Here is the description as written by the host of the swap:

If you've noticed, owls are hanging around everywhere lately! I have become quite enamoured with the cute little hooters and really would love to do an ATC swap with just owls as the theme! I know this has probably been done fairly recently already, but I'm new and I want to participate too, so here it is! The rules: Newbies are, of course, welcome and I am going to ban recent no sends and any one with a rating lower than 4.3. This swap is international-so be aware that your partner may be out of the USA or your particular area! The only other rules are to include at least ONE owl on each of your cards. And please be creative--make cards that you are proud of!)! You will have two (2) partners and send two (2) ATCs to each of them for a total of four (4) ATCs.

And here are my finished products:

The ones on the left (above and below) are made mostly from a collage of security envelopes. I have started to keep all the security envelopes I get at work and every day I'm carrying a stack of them home. I am loving the patterns.


margot said...

i love mr. night owl. you should make these as notecards!

Jules said...

Oh wow i love the night owl and lol everyone else thinks im crazy too except my sister who is bluebird on swapbot.Its so addictive
hope to swap with you one day love the blog

BMT said...

Wow...love the owls..I would have never guessed they were security envelopes.....