Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sister Sister

My little sister came to visit this weekend. The last time she was here was over a year ago and she got the stomach flu and barfed for three days. Since she's in her last year of veterinary school she doesn't get much time off and I only get to see her when I go home to Shrewsbury. And after her graduation in June from Tufts she is moving to Minnesota for her internship. Home of Brandon and Brenda Walsh! As excited as I am to road trip it out to Minneapolis, I am going to miss having my sissy just a 3 hour drive away. So we had a solid weekend of hang time, which involved watching about 24 hours of Beverly Hills 90210, a trip to MOMA where we saw Mickey from Seinfeld, and one wild night out in Williamsburg - oh and a lipstick party - Sam brought Chelsea a ton of Mary Kay lipsticks from an event he was working at and we went to town later that night at the bars.

Jaime is a cat whisperer. Paws bonded with her right away.

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