Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Eggster!

Today was Easter, but among some circles - namely, my circle - today is also Eggster. Last year Sam, Chelsea, Colleen and I started the tradition of Eggster. The holiday involves cutting edge experimental egg dying techniques and "character eggs", lots of mimosas, and lots of egg puns. This year we upped the ante with about 6 or 7 more people, 2 kinds of banana bread, a pitcher of Bloody Mary, an amazing frittata, glitter, and 4 or 5 dozen eggs.

We started around 1pm and five hours later we had a carton of "Best Eggs" and a small cartons of "Worst Eggs" - and a bowl full of egg salad, which I'll be living off of for the rest of the week.

I have to brag - I won Best Egg with my Lucha Libre Egg and was personally congratulated by the Registrar of Eggster. Why is he a registrar? I don't know - he was born out of a haze of champagne last year.

Abe prepping the dyes.

Tim blowing out some eggs.

Selecting the Best and Worst required a nomination and a back-up vote.

Voting was a rigorous process and not everyone agreed on the nominees.

The Registrar looking over the Best Egg contenders.

The Registrar congratulating Lucha Libre Egg.

Abe and I took a little walk after the Eggster festivities and before Big Brother started.

Empire vs. Chrysler

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