Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strike a pose

I had been thinking about sewing together a yoga bag for a long time. When I go to yoga I'm usually jamming my mat into my El Sloucho bag, or carrying it under my arm - anything to avoid buying a $50 hippie sack from a yoga catalog. Don't get me wrong - I'm semi-crunchy- I compost, enjoy tie-dye and peace, save water in the shower to use on my plants, and make body scrub from used coffee grounds. However, the hemp fiber yoga bags I usually see around don't really jive with my style. Therefore, I forced myself to come up with a yoga bag and it actually turned out really awesome. I sold the only 3 I made in one day and I'm going to to come out with a few more colors & prints.

They're not my website yet so email me if you'd like to reserve one: