Monday, October 29, 2007

Rainbows and Traffic

Last was a late one because we threw a surprise birthday party for my friend Piper. It was also a Halloween costume party so that added an extra element of awesomeness. I was a dirty old man/flasher. My friends pointed out that I really enjoy dressing up as gross males (last year I was a caveman named Org). I never realized it before, but it's true, I do like dressing up as gross males. It's just easier to look totally weird if I put on a beard.

The next day I was driving home to Shrewsbury to visit with the fam and watch Game 3 of the World Series (Go Sox!). The drive was horrible - so much traffic for no reason at all - on construction, no accidents. I left at 11:15am and got home at 6:3o. It is normally a 3.5 hour drive. The only good thing was that I was able to swing by IKEA and pick up some photo frames, and I also saw the HUGEST rainbow I have ever seen in my life. People were pulling over on the side of the highway (I stopped twice). It was a full arch and you could see from one end to the other.

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